We’ll do the remembering, shopping and shipping and you get the thank you!

Forgotten a loved ones special day before?

Don’t want history to repeat?

Throw the to do list our way and watch your brownie points bucket overflow.

Why Scheduled gift ?

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    What we offer

    We offer a recurring gift service for your loved ones. Tell us the occasion, how often it repeats and we’ll ensure an amazing gift turns up on your behalf each and every time.

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    For all occasions

    We’ve got you covered for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers and Fathers Days, Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Christenings, Business Engagements, I Love You’s, the list is endless really. We can cater for any occasion.

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    Gifts great and small from anywhere

    We’re not limited to particular stores or product lines. Our gifts can be locally sourced, or specifically procured. Our only limit is your budget.



How does it work ?

  • We ask you to complete a simple form which gathers all the information we need about you, your giftee, the occasion, date required and your budget.
  • We’ll then email you 4 weeks before the due date with a list of gift ideas. The top suggestion will be our pick and this will be shipped if you’ve not been able to reply in time.
  • We’ll then organise for your gift to be purchased and wrapped with a personalised gift card attached and shipped to you (so you can deliver it personally) or directly to your giftee before the specified date.

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  • What are you waiting for?

    Have a few questions about our service? Take a look here and if you can’t find the answer drop us a line at "hello @ scheduled gift . com" and we’ll be more than happy to help.

  • Do you have a cutoff date?

    You can place a request up to 5 days before the date required. This gives us enough time to find the perfect gift, wrap and send it for guaranteed smiles all round. If little notice is given we offer a limited gift range to ensure your gift arrives on time.

  • Can I request a specific gift?

    Yes as long as we can acquire it in the time needed then it’s all good

  • Can I let you select the gifts each year on my behalf?

    Absolutely - We can select your gifts based on your budget and the information you’ve provided about the giftee. If you like we can set a default to flowers always for Mothers Day or books for all children etc…

  • How do I know the gift has arrived?

    We track all our deliveries so we’ll send you an email once your gift has arrived

  • Can you ship directly to me so I can give the gift?

    Of course - We can ship to any address you like

  • Can I send just a card?

    You sure can. We will have your card printed with your personal message and shipped directly to your recipient.

  • Will my gift be wrapped?

    Yes indeed - Your gift will be wrapped and looking the goods.

  • Will the gift have Scheduled Gift mentioned on it?

    Our service is very discreet so won't mention scheduled gift on it